50s Wedding Fashion History

The weddings boom of the 1950s was encouraged by the end of the war when men returned to their jobs and women largely returned to their roles in domesticity. Dress fashions were inspired by Dior and movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor. Dress designs were no longer hindered by a shortage of fabrics. Full skirts, flouncy frills and vibrant colors became the order of the day.

The styles flowed through into designs for brides and bridesmaid dresses.


 Vibrant fabrics, full swing style skirts, sweetheart necklines, polka dots, pleated waistlines and yards upon yards of lace and net peticoats are all characteristic of 50s style bridesmaids dresses!

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1950s Weddings on YouTube

A selection of video footage from various 1950s weddings. Some of the quality in these videos is not so good, but you can get a feel for the fashions and styles worn by the bridal party and the guests at a 50s style wedding.

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